POC Crave

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The POC Craves are a lightweight, flexible and durable sporting glass, making them perfect for any athletic endeavour. The frame is made from hydrophillic rubber, allowing them to stick to your nose during rain and intense perspiration.

The durable PC lens is made by leading lens maker Carl Zeiss, offering an outstanding quality of vision. The lens is ripel treated giving it a hydrophobic finish which pearls water off the lens and repels dirt and grime. The open frame allows for good ventilation preventing fogging from perspiration. The Crave also features a snap in hinge construction for improved durability and to avoid breaking the frame when taking a hit.

Lens Category Visible Light Transfer (VLT%) Activity Specific
Light Blue/Electric Mirror 2 24.8 Dust Trail Contrast
Grey 23.8 Bright Sun
Brown/Bronze Mirror 2 23.8 Bright Sun
Light Blue 1 58.2 All Round
Brown/Elecrtric Mirror 2 20.7 Desert Trait

* Spare Lends Included 
 Pentose Grey: Light Blue/Electric Mirror - Sun - Cat. 2 - VLT 24.8%
 Molybdenite Green/Phosphate GreenLight Blue - All Round - Cat. 1 - VLT 58.2%

$379.95 AUD

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